Investor Relations


Sumitomo Real Estate Sales Co., Ltd. was established in 1975 to conduct sales of condominiums developed by Sumitomo Realty. Sumitomo Real Estate Sales entered the real estate brokerage sector in 1979, gaining a listing on the Tokyo Stock Exchange in 1998 and achieving significant success. To achieve further growth as the Sumitomo Realty Group, Sumitomo Real Estate Sales delisted in 2017 and became a wholly owned subsidiary of Sumitomo Realty. We will strive to use our sales network more effectively so as to further increase market share.

Overview of the Fiscal Year

In the existing home market, the number of sales contracts concluded for condominium units in the Tokyo metropolitan area remained high and average contract prices continued to rise.
  In this environment, the segment recorded a 1.6% increase in the number of transactions, to 37,643 units, led by existing-home sale transactions, achieving a record high for the fourth consecutive year. In addition, the total transaction value rose to ¥1,326.3 billion, also a record high, largely attributable to an increase in the unit transaction value that was particularly marked in central Tokyo.
  As a result, the segment maintained revenue growth for the tenth consecutive year and operating income growth for the fourth consecutive year, resulting in record-high revenue from operations and record-high operating income.
  With the addition of four directly operated offices during the fiscal year, the network had a total of 270 offices nationwide as of March 31, 2019.


We will strive to increase the number of transactions and aim to secure profit on a par with the level for the March 2019 fiscal year. We forecast a 1.6% increase in revenue from operations to ¥73.0 billion and operating income of ¥22.0 billion, the same level as the March 2019 fiscal year.


Mansion Plaza specializing in brokerage of premium condominiums in central Tokyo opens −Services offered by professionals with excellent track records, experience, and knowledge of condominium brokerage−

In July 2019 Sumitomo Real Estate Sales Co., Ltd. opened Mansion Plaza at five locations in central Tokyo. Mansion Plaza specializes in sales and brokerage of premium condominiums in central Tokyo that have high asset value based on a comprehensive assessment in terms of location, scale, management, etc.
  At Mansion Plaza, professionals who possess the Mansion Expert in-house qualification offer brokerage services. These Mansion Experts have knowledge of condominium structures, facilities, market conditions, transactions, etc., as well as excellent track records and a wealth of experience in brokerage of premium condominiums in central Tokyo.